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Fremont Amtrak



Photo Essay Link: Views Along The California Coast From A Private Railroad Car



Not much here yet. This site will be sort of "Under Construction" indefinitely (Smarter heads than mine would say "a Work of Art").

If I have given you a direct link for something, just go ahead and use that.








San Jose Diridon Station



SceniCruiser & A Lincoln


Why did I start this website? On an impulsive moment of weakness, I succumbed to my ego. You know, one of those those dumb things you do, that you always feel silly about later? But after getting it, I decided at least I could have a central repository for pictures, files, and other trivia that I'm always sending to people. Then I decided to set some of my 60 years' worth of dumb thoughts down for the record. But of course no one will be interested.

I mean, if you found this website, it's 99% certain it was an accident, right? Or I gave you a link for a file or picture, and you wondered what the home page looked like.

Well here you are, and here I am.

Maybe one of these days, there'll actually be some CONTENT here. Who knows? I might get real ambitious. You may want to check back someday.